A4 Certificate Frames

When you receive a certificate this is an achievement, you have succeeded at something whether this is a qualification course, university or school sports day! It is something which you have earned and something which should be displayed with pride with the use of A4 certificate frames. Not only do A4 certificate frames showcase your credential they also protect it, and the best way of preserving it is with the grade of glass of which there are two highly popular forms for A4 certificate frames:

Conservation Glass and Museum Glass. Conservation glass shields over 97% of harmful ultraviolet rays which are the most common cause of fading to a picture or document, as well as dust particles, moisture and acrid tones in the air and on the wall which can cause irreparable discolouration. Museum glass has a quartz like substance which shields certificates and documents from all UV light which is harmful, this also has the benefit of making a document appear in high definition with the most excellent clarity. 

Something which is highly essential to have within A4 picture frames is photograph mounts, these add a border to the certificate which enhance it and add an appearance of value and importance. They can come in all colours, but the most appropriate option is to select a contrast from the colour of your frame, so for example if your frame is black then opt for a white mount. Mounts also have many features to choose from such as shadowing and white core details which accentuate your certificate further. 

A4 certificate frames can come in a wide choice of materials such as brushed aluminium, platinum or plated silver and golds or the most popular: wood. Wood has been used for framing documents and prints for over 600 years and it is a timeless material guaranteed to work well and look the part in whatever form. Most offices, studios, libraries and museums where documents are framed will select wood in either mahogany or ebony to add enhance the superiority of the document. Wood can be engraved and hand carved as well as painted, dyed or varnished for added style and preservation of the wood so it will stand the test of time for many years to come. 

Once you have decided the colour, style and material of the A4 certificate frames most preferable to you, the final decision is where to purchase it from. The longest running option has been to take your certificate to a store who frame for you, but this is a long drawn out process with little input on your behalf as well as being inconvenient and time consuming. Having your certificate framed online has the ease of uploading your image in seconds, from a scanner of the original document, posting it or photographing it and then looking through many customization options such as those mentioned above. Then within a few simple clicks you order is placed, you know exactly what it will look like when received through your online preview and it will then be delivered direct to your door.

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