Black Picture Frames

Black picture frames are so classic and versatile that they will compliment just about any type of interior design, as well as any type of photography, craftwork or artwork. 

The great thing about sticking to the same colour frame throughout your interior is that you achieve a sense of continuity. Regardless of whether the frames are all the same or you use a variety of different types, sizes and styles, the fact that they are all the same colour gives the space a very uniform and often contemporary feel.

Huge Choice

When shopping for black frames you will have a seemingly endless choice in terms of material as black frames are manufactured from wood, metal and plastic. Whether you are looking for a traditional or modern frame or something more elaborate, you are sure to find something that fits the bill when shopping for black frames. 

Because they are so popular, you will find that you will always have a great choice available to you whether you are shopping in a specialised frame shop or through any other retail outlet selling frames. 


When you frame any picture in black, it immediately looks smart and professional. Galleries often use black frames because they do their job without drawing any attention away from the picture itself and help to create a coordinated look throughout a variety of different work styles.  

The popular displays that are created by grouping multiple frames together to create one large display work on this same principle. 


Total Flexibility

As well as enhancing all types and styles of picture, a black frame can be used in conjunction with any colour picture mount you can think of. 

If you are unsure of which frame colour to opt for, you can always rely on a black frame to work with everything, so it is easy to appreciate why black frames are such a popular choice!