Certificate and Graduation Frames

Achieving something like your graduation from school, college or university or earning a certificate for succeeding is something which you will be incredibly proud of and thus this not only needs displaying, it also needs protecting - this is done with the use of certificate and graduation frames. Certificate and graduation frames will protect your documents through the years from things like discolouration, cracking or brittleness.

You can increase protection with the grade of glass chosen such as reflection control, conservation UV and plexiglass - which is a much stronger protection if your item is to be shipped. Without the use of certificate and graduation frames your prized documents are exposed to all the harmful elements in the air such as dust particles, damp and heat which can cause irreparable damage; keeping your documents in a box for example is not sufficient protection.

There are lots of designs available for certificate and graduation frames but the key is for the frame to be stylish, yet simple; this is so eyes are drawn to the contents and not the frame. A popular choice is wood, and this can be stained, varnished or painted as well as still looking the part left in its natural state. Photograph mounts are usually used within certificate and graduation frames, this is to add a sense of value as well as enhancing the documents and is why it is so popular in places such as museums and art galleries where accentuating the print or image is of the essence.

Mounts work well by being a contrasted colour to the frame, so if for example you opt for a black frame then a white mount would be most appropriate, and vice versa. Mounts also come with many effects such as white core or shadowing which increase the documents further. If your university, college or school have a colour then the mount could be this colour in a block form as long as this is a successful contrast with your colour choice of frame - a way to guarantee this will work is to go for a simple coloured frame, such as black or white which are neutral colours and work well with everything. 

With certificate and graduation frames the use of engraving is highly popular, this is to document your success in date form, credentials and the achievement. Engraving is usually done on more precious metals such as golds or silvers but to keep costs down these can be plated rather than in full form. You can select this alongside a wide range of certificate and graduation frames either online or in store and there are many other customisation options available to ensure that your frame is as individual as you. You could take your certificate or documents to a professional framing company who will have all the expertise to display it in the most appropriate way, this can be done in a cheaper and speedier way by looking at online retailers who perform the same service. Framing your documents online also allow you to experiment which different styles, colours and accessories to create something bespoke for you.

When it comes to choosing your certificate and graduation frames, you want something that gives you exactly what you want. You have worked hard for your certificate, and the perfect frame is out there. It just might take a little finding. This is where shopping online comes into its own. You can browse to your hearts content for the perfect frame and even send your certificate off to be framed professionally, at a cheaper cost than that of an in store service. Your certificate will arrive back very quickly, professionally done so you can enjoy hanging it in your home with pride. 

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