Gold Picture Frames

Gold Picture Frames

Whilst some would say that gold toned picture frames are ideally suited to traditionally styled interiors, gold can also be used very effectively in all kinds of modern and contemporary spaces. 

Coordinating With Your Interior

The majority of the time you can take your cue from the style of an interior and the finish of the other fixtures and fittings to help you decide whether a gold frame is the right choice. Keep in mind however that there are no rules and there is no reason why you cannot successfully mix and match different finishes within the same interior.

Centre Stage

A gold frame tends to make quite a statement and the bolder and more elaborate the frame is, the more the eye is drawn to it. Gold picture frames are both attractive and elegant and great for giving a picture or piece of artwork a real lift. 

Take care not to pair your gold frame with a painting or image that is not bold enough to hold its own, as otherwise you run the risk of the frame dominating the show and drawing the eye away from its contents. 

A Classic Choice

Certain periods of fine art are seemingly made for a gold coloured ornate frame and many of the older landscape, still life and portrait paintings would probably not look quite right framed in anything else!

Gold is also a classic choice for old black and white and vintage sepia photographs. 


Have decided that you want to use a gold frame, you will be faced with lots of decisions in terms of shape and style. From the ornate antique style frames right through to the modern slim line alternatives there are plenty of options because the range of styles is vast.

In terms of material you will also need to decide whether you prefer a wooden frame or a metal one. 

Some retailers may offer a polycore option but generally speaking you can expect an inferior quality when purchasing a polycore picture frame.   

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