How to create a multi photo frame with your photo

Multiple photograph frames are a wonderful solution for creating attractive displays of your family photographs, memories of a special occasion or simply being creative with any images of your choice. 

Professionally framed multiple images add instant appeal and interest to your home decor and they also make great gifts for your family and friends. 

Creative ideas could include:

  • Create a photo sequence to tell a story, i.e. a sequence of events in a couple’s life showing when they met, their engagement, marriage and first child.
  • Create a memory board for a child showing images of various stages of their childhood, featuring special moments, people and occasions. 
  • You could combine a group of photographs alongside a special certificate or document to celebrate an achievement.
  • Arrange a ‘family tree’ in your frame. 

Purchasing Your Multiple Photo Frame

You will find multiple photo frames in many brick and mortar shops and this may be ideal if you already have the photographs and can work with the standard sizes, but for the ultimate convenience and great results, why not design and purchase your frame online? 


Professional Printing And Framing

When using an online framing service you should be able to choose from a selection of frames and mounts, enabling you experiment and create the exact look you want to achieve.

By uploading the images you want to frame, you can select from all kinds of different options, styles and colours allowing you to see precisely how your finished frame will look.

In fact you can even change the colour of the wall behind the frame, allowing you to visualise how the finished frame will look in your home! 

Once you are happy with your selections, you can have your images professionally printed and framed and delivered to your home as a complete unit ready to be gifted or hung. 

Choosing Your Frame

Black is one of the most popular choices for framing photographs, particularly when framing multiple images, but wooden, coloured and metal frames are all great options for displaying photographs. 

Modern photographs and black and white images can look incredible when paired with bright colours whereas softer tones are often a better choice for a more traditional look. It’s really down to personal preference. 

Choosing Your Mounts

When framing black and white photographs; black, grey, white and off white mounts are often the best choice for a sharp, classic look, whereas an injection of colour can give your framed images a slightly more modern twist. 

If you are framing colour photographs, you should generally choose a mount colour that will tie in with the dominant colour in the images, or a colour that features in the collective images for a coordinated look that will tie everything together as one.  

Follow this same logic whether you are selecting one mount, or several. If you are using an online service that enables you to visualise your framed images, experiment with the border size of the mounts and reveals until it looks exactly the way you want it to.  

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