Photo Printing and Framing

Professionally printed photographs look incredible when they are mounted and framed properly. The following tips will help you to ensure that your framed prints look great for years to come!


Using great quality, archival quality materials in both the photo printing and the framing process is the first step in making sure that you will be able to enjoy your framed piece for many years without having issues with fading inks, discolouration and picture mount burn. 

Leaving a small border around your print will avoid the edge of the photograph being hidden under the mount. 

Make Sure Your Prints Are Given Adequate Time To Dry Out Thoroughly

When printing photos for framing, it is vital to make sure they are completely dry before you even think about concealing them inside a frame. Photographs will typically feel touch dry very quickly, but they should be left for several hours at least to dry out properly. Images printed onto glossy paper will typically take longer to dry.

Choosing Your Frame 

When choosing a frame to display your photographs, go for a style and colour you love, but keep in mind that the frame should enhance the photograph and take second place rather than dominate the entire show! 

Frames come in such a vast variety of different sizes, colours, styles and finishes that you are sure to find something to compliment your photograph and home perfectly. You can purchase a standard sized frame and mount to fit your photograph or have a frame made to your exact measurements. 


Mounting your framed photographs is an important step because it will create that all important air gap between the photographic paper and the glazed surface and make sure that your photograph is safely preserved inside the frame. 

Proper mounting can really set off your photographic images and make them look incredibly professional. Take care to choose your mounts wisely, selecting the best colours, sizes and finishes to compliment the framed image. 


Acrylic glass glazing is a safe way to protect your framed photographs and this is a popular choice of material due to its robust nature, making it the ideal choice for frames that need to be transported and moved. 

This material is a particularly good option for;

  • Large Frames
  • Children’s Rooms
  • Galleries
  • Public Spaces

There are however several different types of glass to choose from to suit your needs. Options include;

  • Anti Reflection Glass
  • UV Filtering Glass
  • Anti Glare Glass

Coordinating Your Photographs With The Frame and Mount

Keep in mind when making choices about the frame and picture mounts that a quality print, once professionally framed should last for many years and outlive many decades of trends and fashions in terms of home decor. Choosing a neutral, classic look is the best option if you want to avoid your artwork looking outdated in a few years time!

Make choices based on what will work best with the photography rather than the interior of your home. 

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