Picture Frames with Mount

A mount is a piece of material, usually card, which can come with a frame to enhance the photograph or print. Picture frames with a mount tend to be more eye catching and stylish in appearance, than frames without a mount. 

Picture frames with a mount can come in a variety of colours, but with the objective being to enhance the framed image the most popular colour option is white, closely followed by black. There is more variety, such as thicker mounts, patterned mounts and shadow mounts; shadow mounts are black and can be on all colours of mounts to add a beautiful shadow to the edge of the picture enhancing it further. 

Another option to look into for your picture frames with a mount is the White Core mounts. These enhance the prints or photographs by opening up the edges to truly draw the eyes to the content of the frame. All picture frame mounts should be constructed with the use of neutral PH so will not discolour and can be wiped clean with a dry clean cloth to keep in pristine condition. 

When we consider the way in which photographs and prints are displayed in an art gallery or museum, for example, the use of mounts will be present. This is due to the fact that they accentuate the subject whilst creating the presentation of the image to give the impression of importance and value. 

It can be confusing to know how to mount a picture frame correctly, sometimes by selecting the wrong colour or material for the print this can do the opposite of the intention, to make a picture more attractive. There is a way to guarantee success however, and this is with the colour choice of your mount. You should take note of all the colours in the image, and choose the mount colour to be no darker than the darkest colour in the image, and no lighter than the lightest. 

The image you have chosen, whether it is a photograph of loved ones or an antique print has been selected for framing because it means something to you and so it deserves to be prominently displayed. Mounting an image definitely makes it shine, however there are more benefits than just enhancing your photograph or print; choosing picture frames with a mount will also protect your image from any acidic conditions which could be in the air, as well as in the wall where the image is hung. 

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