Picture Mounts

For those images that we hold dear such as photographs of loved ones, inspirational quotes, beautiful scenes and so on, we want to display them in the most prominent way. The choice of frames is absolutely unlimited; coming in a huge range of styles, shapes, sizes, materials and colours but have you considered how many options you have when it comes to picture mounts?

A lot of your decisions will be dependant upon where in the home your picture will be displayed, will it be mounted on a wall, or sit proudly on a mantelpiece, window sill or dresser? What frame will match your existing decor, do you go for similar shades, a classic black or stained wood or be bold and venture towards a striking contrast? Picture mounts can be chosen to match or contrast with these.

The point of a frame is to proudly present your image, and a way to do this which will really accentuate and enhance the image is to go for picture mounts. If you consider the prominent places that display photographs and images, such as museums and art galleries, you are unlikely to see a frame not paired with a mount to display a picture and there are actually a couple of reasons for this. One is obviously the importance they add to an image and the way images are optimized, but another is that images are also protected from air contamination, with the use of picture mounts. 

There are few ways you can go wrong when adding picture mounts to your frames. You could pick a material or pattern that simply doesn’t match the image or your interior, and makes for an eyesore rather than eye pleasing display. A way to ensure that your mount doesn’t look out of place is to study your print and note which is the darkest colour and the lightest colour used, then choose a mount which is no darker or lighter than them. 

As a rule, white picture mounts and black picture mounts are the most attractive, leaving the image to shine without anything submerged or over shadowed by the colour or design of the mount. You can use many online programmes to mix and match alongside your image to see which mount creates the perfect picture. Mounts can also have detailed shadowing in contracts of black and white for the eye to be drawn to the content.

To keep your frame, mount and image in the best condition careful cleaning should be done regularly, with a dry clean cloth to remove build ups of dust in the home which can affect the view of the picture as well as becoming a heavy build up of not removed which could cause harm to the frame and mount. 

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