Shabby Chic Picture Frames

Whilst many people like to style their home around a modern, contemporary look others prefer the laid back homely appeal of shabby chic furniture and accessories.

The term ‘shabby chic’ has been around for several decades but this popular style which celebrates the vintage distressed look remains incredibly popular and is showing no signs of going anywhere. 

Shabby chic picture frames with their cute, old fashioned appearance have great personality and a very homely appeal. They obviously coordinate perfectly with any interior which has been styled around the same theme, but they can also add depth and appeal to a bland interior that is in need of enhancement and a lift. 

Where To Purchase Shabby Chic Frames

If you are intent on buying genuinely old frames which have a naturally distressed look you will need to focus your search on all the usual venues where you would find second hand and used goods, however you may find it easier to purchase new frames that have been given a shabby chic finish, particularly if you want to buy multiple frames of the same size or design. 

Colour And Style 

The most popular colour for shabby chic frames and accessories tends to be an off white, which is very easy to coordinate with other colours and home furnishings, but you will generally be able to find this style of frame in a variety of other subtle colours and shades. 

The Perfect Partner

This style is a fantastic match for black and white photography and images, because it complements the vintage look so naturally. This style also coordinates very well with colour photography, crafts and many other types of art and craft work.

This style is a popular choice for;

  • Weddings
  • Bridal Showers
  • Baby Showers 
  • Portraits
  • Craftwork
  • Vintage Posters and Signs

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