Swept Picture Frames

A swept picture frame is an ornate, highly decorative frame that is often associated with period properties and oil paintings, but works equally well in a more contemporary interior too. 

This type of frame often features embellishment and detail and is most commonly used to frame canvas paintings, (usually oil), or mirror glass. This style of frame is designed to command attention and make a very definite statement.

Purchasing A Swept Frame

These frames are almost always sold without any glaze due to their intended purpose; oil paintings are never normally covered with a glaze and of course mirror glass has its own already!

If you are purchasing a swept frame to use it as a regular picture frame you will need to purchase a backing board and glazing material separately to make it fit for purpose. 

Choosing Your Shape

Swept picture frames are sold in a variety of different shapes including; 

  • Oval
  • Rectangle
  • Elongated Rectangle 
  • Square

Antique Style Swept Frames

Options include;

  • Antique Mahogany
  • Antique Ivory
  • Antique Walnut
  • Black or Ivory Embellished With Gold Details
  • Decorative Bronze 

Swept Frames For A Modern Interior

A great choice for a modern contemporary home would be a swept frame in either;

  • Black
  • White 
  • Cream
  • Gold 
  • Silver
  • Natural
  • Bronze

All of the cut out, carved or moulded frames in a single colour would work very successfully in a modern space.  

Creative Uses For A Swept Frame

There are many other creative ways to use an ornate swept frame in your home or workplace. With basic DIY skills you could create an ornate pin board, chalkboard, signage, a magnetic memo board, or a menu board. In fact there are endless creative possibilities for a stunning swept frame!

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