football shirt frame

Football shirts can be a prized possession, especially if it is a baby’s first kit or a shirt which has a footballers signature on, and yet many of these precious items end up screwed up in carrier bags, discarded in boxes or hidden away and forgotten about. It doesn’t have to be this way, by looking into football shirt framing you are providing a neat and efficient way of preserving the item whilst also displaying it in a highly stylish form. 

You can have your football shirt framing done in a truly bespoke fashion and showing off its full potential. Every football shirt is going to mean something different to each owner and so will the way you want to display this memorabilia. There are various options available such as the material of the frame to begin with - the point of having your football shirt framed is because you want people to see it at it’s best, so overshadowing this with a vibrant patterned frame may defeat the object, this is why the simpler frames are usually the most appropriate such as jet blacks or startling whites. Whatever you want your football shirt framing to reflect, there is an option for you. 

A frame mount will really enhance the object framed. For this to be most effective the mount should be the opposite colour to the frame - so if you have selected a black frame then a white mount would look the most prestigious, and vice versa. If you want to go further with your football shirt framing and branch out into the mount you could also consider having a players name cut into it, the team, date of the champion match or a special date to you.  

Many specialists in football shirt framing will also provide an engraving service where you can have a plaque personalised with anything you like such as the date of the shirt, the team, players name and so on. There are also plenty of options available for the glass used; such as the Acrylic 2mm, which is a stronger type of glass but has much less static so doesn’t have the same attraction to dust. UV Protection Glass is the most popular choice for the extremely rare or valuable shirts. This is absolute guaranteed protection of the football shirt framing and therefore of course shatter proof, but it is the most expensive so it may be worth considering if your shirt means an awful lot to you, or if you are planning on moving the frame around. 

For your shirt and frame to kept in the best condition then you must pay attention to cleaning, although this will not need to be done often, a quick wipe over with a dry cloth is all it takes to remove dirt and dirt particles and keep your piece of art shining. In short, if you have a football shirt that means the world to you, why not look into football shirt framing for your treasure. 

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